Trainingslog is a web application intended to maintain a trainings logbook of sports activities. Since my main sport of interest is mountainbiking, trainingslog is mainly aimed at cycling activities (however, other sports may also be supported). Trainingslog supports importing/reading from file formats used by various GPS devices, heart rate monitors, etc. For example, it supports the ‘.fit’ files as used by the Garmin Edge cycling GPS’es.

Trainingslog is written in Scala and uses the Lift framework. The source code for trainingslog can be found on svn.

Status and Future Development

Trainingslog is far from finished, and has its quirks, so use at your own risk. Having said that, I have used it for my personal activities for about a year or so, and was fairly satisfied with it. However, I switched to using Strava, so trainingslog probably will not see much updates anymore.

See for a live version.