Frank Staals

Hey everyone. Welcome to my small corner of the internet. I am Frank Staals and as of September 2011 I am a PhD Student at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences of the Utrecht University. Before that I studied Computer Science and Engeneering at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in Computational Geometry. I am mostly working on algorithms for trajectory analysis, or analysis of moving objects. An example of such a problem would be “Given the trajectories of a set of animals, for example birds, can we compute when the animals travel in groups, and how do these groups change over time?”. However, I’m also interested in other Computational Geometry related problems. Especially, if they have some “real-world” application somewhere down the line. Problems like this usually show up in areas like geographic information science (GIS) or visualisation. If you are interested, see my list of publications for more examples.


I am an avid mountainbiker. I race in the “Amateurs” category. So in the weekends I can usually be found at cross country races or marathons all over the Benelux. Other than that, I like functional and dependently typed programming: How cool is it that you can enforce and prove properties of your program! Consider for example these type-safe Red-Black trees. Other than that I am a bit of a computer nerd. I like fiddling with unix systems, in particular with FreeBSD.


For anything work or computer science related you can contact me by e-mail at f < dot > staals < at > uu < dot > nl. For other stuff send a mail to frank < at > fstaals < dot > net.